Atayne Product Performance

"So your products are sensitive on the environment.  But how do they perform?" 
We get that question a lot at camp Atayne.  And it's a good question.  Many people still have a hard time believing that recycled performance apparel performs as well as all the conventional stuff.  Well here's the thing, the fabrics we use are not that much different from our competitors.  Most performance apparel is made from virgin polyester.  Our apparel is made from 100% recycled polyester.  In most regards, recycled and virgin polyester are the same thing.  Both fabrics wick moisture from your body and dry quickly.  This helps you better regulate your body temperature.  Something that is very important during endurance activities like running, cycling, and hiking.  (For more information on the science behind it all, check out our Science Made Simple article - How do performance fabrics perform?)
However, there is a key difference between our recycled polyester fabrics and our competitor's virgin fabrics.  The raw material for our fabics is post-consumer plastic bottles.  The raw material for their fabrics is petroleum.  Because of this difference, it takes 70% less energy to make our fabrics.  We also help to prevent plastic bottles from going into landfills.  Depending on the size of garment, it can be between 5 to 10 plastic bottles.
We can go on and on about how well our products perform and give you reams of data from lab testing.  But here is the thing, we don't play in a lab and we know you do not either.  Whether you are running, cycling, or hiking, we are pretty sure you are doing it in the outdoor elements of the sun, rain, snow, cold and heat.  Not a controlled environement in a lab.  You are also probably not on a treadmill.  You are on the roads and trails, and in the mountains and deserts. 
So instead of giving you data from a lab, here are some testimonials from some happy Atayne athletes.


“Just thought I would tell you that I love my shirt! It's amazing, performs excellently, I love the color green of it, and I had so many people ask me about it when I met up with my marathon training group a few weeks ago and wore it (to run 23 miles--and it was comfortable and dry for all 23 of them). It created great discussions about recycling, trash at marathons and other running events, and the type of environmental impact that runners have on the earth.  Thanks for doing something truly amazing.”
“I don't know if it was the shirt, but I wore it for a jog today and went further and easier then usual.  I have a bunch of cotton t-shirts and have run in them.  Only recently have I been getting some technical shirts at races and have come to really like them.  Some are real good at wicking and others look good but the Atayne is both.  It was nicely warm at first and as I warmed up it got rid of the perspiration nicely.  When I really heated up it didn't get clammy.  It does it all and I went further than usual and with less effort.”
“WOW! What a great shirt! From the way it feels, stays dry through the 8th repeat, the great fit, and looks sweet. You guys have put a great shirt out there.”
"I ran my first 50 mile race a few weeks ago. I finished 2nd overall with a time of 8:03:29! I wore my Atayne shirt, because, well, it's my favorite shirt to run in! I had never worn it for that long before, and I just wanted to let you know that it was the best shirt I could have ever worn. For 8 hours of running it didn't give me any chafing, and by the end of it I still smelt pleasant enough for my crew to hug me in celebration! The temperatures ranged from about mid-40s at the start of the race, and by the time I finished I think the temp was up around 70. The shirt kept me at the perfect temperature the whole time. Amazing.  Thank you so much for making such a great product. I'm going to recommend these shirts to every runner I know (especially ever ultra runner)."
"Shirt drew lots of comments.  Performed well.  Finished first female and 8th overall at the Ice Age 50 miler.  Loved the feel of the shirt."
"Wish our Army PT Uniform shirts were as comfortable or as environmentally conscious."
"I have 2 of these shirts, one was a premium at a recent race and the second I bought at the race's expo. The material is so soft and pliable, the cut fits well, and overall design is sharp looking. But one of my favorite parts is the weight. Entering Fall, this shirt has a little extra thickness to transition seasons better than anything else I have. I believe it'd still be light enough for summers, but this is it's prime time. I never heard of Atayne until the Freedom's Run expo and am very glad to have been exposed to them, both for the shirts I'll keep buying and the mindset of the company!"
"From running in a sweltering North Carolina summer to hiking up an early season snowfield in Washington, this shirt can handle it all. The material is a bit heftier than other synthetic running shirts and has a soft feel next to the skin. In spite of this, it has a generally breezy feel to it and maintains the ability to effectively wick sweat without getting weighted down. I would also say that the chitosan helps to keep the odors down - after hiking days on end, it seemed to smell a bit less than a typical synthetic shirt. After owning it for a year and a half, the cumulative odor build-up common to most synthetics also has yet to develop."
"I've been an Atayne running shirt lover since their first incarnation, and they just get better and better. My running group (Chicago Ultrarunners) purchased the Grind Ts as our group running shirt and I wear mine for every race! They have stood the test of time...and grime! I love the little loop on back so I can just rinse my shirt and hang it in the shower to dry so that it's ready for me the next day. Atayne is my hero :)"
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