About Atayne's Products

atayne on the runPerformance with a Point of View.  It's not just a slick tagline or marketing campaign.  It is our guiding principle for all the products we design, develop, and bring to Eco-Active athletes across the world.
We got a bit fed up with the apparel industry's willingness to sacrifice the safety of people and the planet just to make a few extra bucks. So instead of complaining, we decided to do something a bit different. We decided to launch a company with a Point of View beyond maximizing profits.  Our theory is if you make high perfoming products and put people and the planet first, profits will follow.  We don't think it is very radical, but it is a whole lot different than how other's approach their business and products.
So, Atayne is not just another company with a few "green" products.  We do not develop our products half heartedly using a small percentage of recycled content. And we do not design "sustainable" products, but then turnaround and manufacture them in facilities that exploit their workers and pollute the environment.  In fact, we have legally committed to a higher standard by becoming a certified B Corporation.
If you would like to find out how Performance with a Point of View translates into our products, check out these pages on our products' performance and point of view.