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crazy scientistWe get a lot of questions at Atayne.  Some are simple, some are serious, and some are completely random. However, most of them are "sciency" (ok, we don't think that is a real word either, but how else can we describe something as science like).
After receiving thousands of questions that would make your high school chemistry teacher squirm, we got and idea.  What if we created a section on our website to answer all these complex questions we get about performance apparel, recycled clothing, sustainability, and the environment?  Better yet, what if we presented the answers in a way that doesn't require a PhD to understand?
And with that, Science Made Simple was born. 

Meet our new Scientist in Residence - Kelsey Abbott. 

black_hills_plank.jpgKelsey is a marine biologist with a Master's degree in environmental management. She has studied dolphins in Hawaii, killer whales in the Pacific Northwest and coral reef fish in Barbados. After working for numerous environmental organizations, she found her passion in sharing her scientific knowledge and writing about the environment for the people who live in it. When she's not working, Kelsey is training for triathlons, racing in triathlons, teaching spinning or core classes or just exploring the great outdoors with her husband and their dog.  In addition to writing for Atayne, Kelsey writes about science and the environment at Mauka to Makai and about food at Healthy-ish.
Do you have a question you would like an answer to?  Submit it through the form below and watch Kelsey work her magic.

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