Start an Atayne Trash Running Group

Thanks for your interest in the Atayne Trash Runners!  So you are interested in starting your own group and helping us clean up our planet one stride and piece of trash at a time.  For the local groups, there is a lot of flexibility on what you can do.  All the groups operate very independently and the schedule depends mostly on the group leaders and the mix of members.

To get started, we only ask a few things:
  • The leader(s) commit to organizing at least one trash running event per month.  The type of events can vary.  It could be simply meeting at a running path and picking up trash while you run.  It could be meeting at a park, picking up garbage there, and then running a few miles as a group.  Or it could be coordinating with a local race to run behind the participants and pick up trash (this does not typically include aid station trash).  It all comes down to getting a group together once a month and combining physical activity with litter collection.
  • The founding leader gets a starting membership base of about 20 members and at least one other co-leader.  Since there are costs on our end to use Meet Up (the tool we use to facilitate the groups), we want to make sure the group starts off on the right foot.  In the past we would let anyone start a group, and paid the Meet Up fees to get them up and running.  Unfortunately, some  groups have fizzled away because once the leg work started, the leaders lost interest.
  • Fill out the brief application form below.  It is relatively painless and helps us get to know our potential future leaders a little better.

Trash Running Group Application Form

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