10 Tips to Become a Greener Athlete

1)  When you go for a run, walk, or hike, pick up a piece or two of litter and recycle it.  Recycling just two aluminum cans saves the energy equivalent of a gallon of gas.

2)  Save money and the environment by dropping the bottled water.  Instead, invest in a reusable bottle and a water filter.

3)  Leave the car at home and walk, run, or bike to the trailhead or gym.  These second as great warm-up activities.

4)  Buy powdered sports drink and mix in your reusable bottle with filtered water.  This not only saves plastic, but also saves energy from having to ship unnecessary water weight.

5)  Donate or recycle your old athletic shoes.  Check out www.recycledrunners.com or www.soles4souls.org.

6)  Fuel your body with as much local, organic food as possible.

7)  Become an expert multi-tasker and turn your commute into a workout by running or biking to work.

8)  Don't wash your workout apparel after every use. Play hard. Rinse apparel in the shower.  Hang to dry. Repeat.

9)  Go vegetarian at least one day a week.  The livestock industry accounts for 18% of all greenhouse gases.

10)  Be a billboard. Wear a shirt with an environmental message on it.  You never know who you might impact.