Atayne 360 - August 2011

Running Long for Local Food…

Farm to Farm Ultra RunNow that is something we can get behind.  This fall, Atayne is partnering with the Farm to Farm Ultra Run to support locally grown food in Maine. In addition to helping dream up the idea, we will provide our signature Long Sleeve REC Ts made in the USA from 100% recycled polyester to the Farm To Farm Ultra Run taking place in Freeport and Brunswick, Maine on October 16.
The race, featuring 50 Mile, 50K, 25K Runs and 50 Mile and 50K Relays, is organized by three nonprofits that care about the environment and supporting healthy, active lifestyles: the Maine Track Club, Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, and Wolfe's Neck Farm.  The racecourse includes asphalt, gravel roads, and trails to connect two beautiful farms during peak autumn colors along Maine's coast.  And if the beautiful course was not enough, there will be Maine-brewed beer and local food at the post-race cookout. 
If you are looking for a great New England race this autumn, this one just might be the one for you.  Use promo code atayne and get 10% off online registration. 
Visit the Farm To Farm Ultra Run website for more info >>

Bryon Powell’s Top 5 Tips for Being a Vegetarian Endurance Athlete

Vegetarian Endurance AthleteAtayne friend Bryon Powell takes great joy in running long distances and eating his veggies.  Bryon is the editor-in-chief of, the authoritative website for trail running and ultrarunning.  He also recently wrote the book Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide for Running Utramarathons, On top of all his writing, Bryon is an accomplished ultra runner.  His accomplishments include two top ten finishes at the Leadville 100.  And, like an increasing number of endurance athletes interested in lessening their environmental impact and maximizing their health and fitness through food, Bryon is a vegetarian.  
We recently asked Bryon to share some tips with the Atayne community on being a veg-head endurance athlete.  Here is what he had to say.
  • Nutrient Aware - Be aware of the nutrients that athletes need, but that can be lacking in a vegetarian diet such as iron, calcium, or vitamins B12 and D. First, try to increase your consumption of foods and drinks high in these nutrients such as sun-dried tomatoes or dried apricots for iron. If that fails, don't be afraid to strategically take nutritional supplements.  
  • Enjoy Nature's Variety - It's easy to focus on eating a few "superfoods" or foods that provide an essential nutrient, but it's important to eat a wide variety of foods. With a little work, you can even do this while eating local, seasonal foods.  
  • Health in Balance - Eating a vegetarian diet doesn't automatically equate to eating a healthy diet. Your active body needs fat and protein along with the carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables. Try to get 20-25% of your calories from fat and a similar amount from protein.
  • Eat Enough - Limiting food options and training a ton don't always go hand-in-hand. Make sure that you're getting enough calories to support your training and your health.
  • Listen to Your Body - Millions of years of evolution have given the body amazing feedback mechanisms. If you're generally eating healthfully and start craving fatty or salty or protein-rich foods (or any other food in particular), start eating them!

Support Food Cycle: Pedaling Sustainable Food for Public Schools

Food Cycle thinks school children should eat healthier, more environmentally sustainable foods.  We could not agree more.  This new initiative led by Adam Williams plans to raise money in support of collaborations between local farms and schools by pioneering a self-supported bike ride across the U.S. in Spring 2012. 
Cycling approximately 3,500 miles from California to Maine, Adam and his team of riders will stop at small-scale organic farms and public schools along the way, documenting existing farm-to-school programs and their regional impacts on the environment, economy, and students.  Interested in learning more about their great adventure?  Visit Food Cycle’s website >>

1st Annual Eat Local Virtual Rally:  Saturday, October 1

Eat Local Virtual RallyIf you have visited a farmers market in the last couple weeks, you know that the offerings of local foods are bountiful this time of year.  In our opinion, one of the best things you can do to support a healthy body and planet is to eat locally grown/raised food. 
To encourage people to climb aboard the local-food lunch wagon, we are launching the 1st Annual Eat Local Virtual Rally.  Getting in on the fun is simple.  Join the Eat Local Virtual Rally on our Facebook page and then on October 1, do something to support local food (even better, do it before or after you head out for a hike, bike or run).  It could be shopping at a farmers market, cooking a meal with veggies from your home garden, eating at a restaurant that specializes in locally-grown food, or joining a CSA.
Share your updates, comments, and photos on what you’re doing.  And don’t forget to invite friends and family to join in the fun! 
Visit Atayne’s Eat Local Virtual Rally on Facebook >>

Play it Forward: Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust  

Brunswick_Topsham_Land_Trust.pngThe Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust is a nonprofit dedicated to preserving farmland, forests, wetlands, and meadows right in Atayne’s backyard in Maine. One of the Land Trust’s great properties is Crystal Spring Farm.  The farm is host to one of the most popular farmers’ markets in the state and home to a great network of running, hiking, and cross country ski trails.
Please join Atayne in supporting Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust.  If you shop at during the next 30 days and use the promo code btlt2011, we’ll donate 10% of your purchase price to the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust and cover your shipping costs.

Atayne at Play

Famous for its beautiful seaside finish near Portland Headlight, the Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth, Maine is one of New England’s most popular races.  We saw a lot of Atayne shirts on the course at this year’s “B2B” on August 6th.  Congrats to Todd F. seen crossing the finish line with a big smile while sporting a blue Atayne Grind T.
Beach to Beacon

It’s a Little Known Fact

Cliff Claven
Congratulations to August’s winner Bob M. who knew Tommy Neeson was the name of the runner who Atayne supported on his four-million step charity run from Bangor, Maine to Miami, Florida.  Now for September’s question...
Atayne is one of the sponsors of the 1st Annual Farm To Farm Ultra Run scheduled for October 16.  What other farm-related running festival did Atayne sponsor in May 2010?
Remember, all answers can be found on our website, blog,  Facebook page, Twitter feed, or past issues of our newsletter.
To join in the fun, email your answer to  To be entered into the drawing for the $25 gift certificate, your answer must be received by Friday, September 30, 2011.
Until next Month, Keep it Clean!
The Atayners