Atayne 360 - May 2011

Is Plastic the Problem?

Each year, we send 500 billion pounds of plastic--including countless plastic bottles, bags, and other recyclable plastic items--to landfills.  Worse, much of the plastic that doesn’t make it to a landfill winds up in the ocean where toxins in the plastics harm wildlife and poison the fish we eat.  Some environmentalists say we should stop using plastic altogether.  Atayne’s founder, Jeremy Litchfield argues that plastic is not necessarily the problem.  Rather, the real problem is how we use plastics.  Read more >>

Play it Forward:  Safe Passage

safe passageAtayne has partnered with Safe Passage’s Esperanza 5K run-walk scheduled for May 15 in Cumberland, Maine.  Atayne will provide custom race t-shirts made from 100%-recycled materials, host a shoe drive, and organize an Atayne Trash Runner Team during the event.  The race is a fundraiser for Safe Passage, a nonprofit that provides support and opportunities for at-risk children and their families living in the Guatemala City Garbage Dump.  
Please join Atayne in supporting Safe Passage to bring hope to these families in need.  If you shop on during the next 30 days and use the promo code playitforwardsafepassage we’ll donate 10% of your purchase price to Safe Passage and cover your shipping costs.

Bolder Challenge:  Commit a Random Act of Cycling

act boldermonkey on a bikeMay is one big, month-long holiday at Camp Atayne.  Why?  It’s National Bike Month!  In the spirit of the season, Atayne challenges you to Commit to a Random Act of Biking.  Hop on your bicycle and ride somewhere you’ve never ridden to before. Maybe you’ll ride to work for the first time or pedal over to that nearby park you’ve always wanted to visit.  Regardless, get on your bike, explore a new destination, and share your experience. 
The person with the most interesting story, as measured by the number of likes, will receive a coveted Atayne Grind Cycling Jersey.  Visit Atayne’s Bolder Challenge page to join in the fun>>

Barefoot Running and the Environment

barefoot runningIf you are even a casual runner, you have probably heard of the barefoot or minimalist running shoe trend.  If you haven’t tried it, you can read about it here, here, here, or here
One of our favorite insights into barefoot/minimalist running comes from Guillermo, the drug-dealing henchman on Showtime’s “Weeds” who is training for a half marathon.  Guillermo summed it up best in the Season 6 finale: “I’m connecting with the earth and avoiding heel strike.” We should mention that comment was followed by a slew of profanities.  Guillermo has quite the potty mouth.  Anyway…
While the health benefits from a reduced heel strike debate rages on, what about the oft-made claim that barefoot running and minimalist shoes are better for the environment?  
Several of us at Atayne prefer donning minimalist running shoes in part because using less materials, and therefore less energy, to make running shoes is a good thing for the planet.  A recent article on takes an in-depth look at the environmental benefits of barefoot/minimalist running.  Read More>>
P.S. Looking to buy some minimalist footwear?  Check out our friends at Two Rivers Treads.

Atayne at Play:  "Business Trip Edition"

Atayne founders Jeremy and Rebecca recently traveled to Las Vegas for Techtextil NA, the leading performance fabrics trade show. Jeremy gave the keynote about sustainability vs. thrivability to a packed house of industry honchos.  At least, that is what our fearless leaders claim.  
Here’s the self-portrait Jeremy and Rebecca sent back to us at Camp Atayne in Maine.  It looks like they stayed at the MGM Grand...Canyon!
atayne at the grand canyon

It’s a Little Known Fact...

Cliff ClavenCongratulations to April winner Jane W who knew that Atayne’s 6 Ms of thrivability are Materials, Manufacturing, Minimalist Design, Multi-functionality, Mutuality, and Messaging.  Now on to May’s question…
How many plastic bottles are recycled on average to make one Atayne Grind Recycled Cycling Jersey?
Remember, all answers can be found on our website, blog,  Facebook page, Twitter feed, or past issues of our newsletter.
To join in the fun, email your answer to  To be entered into the drawing for the $25 gift certificate, your answer must be received by Tuesday, May 31, 2011.
Until next Month, Keep it Clean!
The Atayners