Atayne 360 - May 2010

"If I had a million dollars..."

monkey riding a bike"I'd buy you a monkey.  Haven't you always wanted a monkey?" 

Unfortunately, we do not have a million dollars, so none of you are getting a monkey.  BUT, we do want to buy you a bike.  Or at least give you one.

We have launched sales of our much-anticipated Men's and Women's Grind Cycling Jerseys.  Now it is time to celebrate.  And what better way to celebrate than by giving away a brand new bike.  But, this is not just any ole bike.

We have partnered with our friends at DORNBOX Bikes to give one lucky winner a handcrafted, performance road bike made in Atayne's neighboring town of Freeport, Maine.  The frame will be handmade to perfectly fit the winner's body, and it will be outfitted with a mix of components that would make Lance Armstrong giddy.  All in all, the bike is worth over $4,500 and it could be yours.  Here is what you have to do for a chance to win.

DORNBOX_2_300x250.jpgVisit our bike giveaway contest page and upload a photo of yourself wearing Atayne.  It can be any Atayne item including our Grind Cycling Jersey, Grind T, or Trash T.  It could also come from one of our custom partners such as Bowdoin College, Friends for Matty, Wilderness Running Company, and iRunFar. One person who submits a picture will be randomly selected to win the bike.

Click here for more information on the contest rules and regulations.

Monthly Enviro Tip

Taking a long hot shower after a run, ride, or hike on a cold winter's day is likely a guilty pleasure for many.  Unfortunately, it is not a pleasure for the environment. According to the EPA, every American uses an average of 100 gallons of water per day and a lot of this comes from showering. The average shower length is 8 minutes. Drop that to 5 minutes and you can reduce your water use by roughly 10 gallons per day.

With outside temperatures rising here in the northern hemisphere as summer approaches, cut back on the time and temp of your showers. You might even consider getting a nifty little timing tool to keep you on track.  You can even turn it into a little game.  Each time someone in your household goes over the 5-minute mark, they need to put a dollar in a jar.  At the end of the month, the person who had to pay the least gets to keep the collection.

We're Selling the Farm

pinland farmOK, we are not selling the farm, but we are going to be selling a lot of Atayne gear at a farm.  We are proud to be a sponsor of this year's Pineland Farm Trail Running Festival.  If you happen to be in Maine over Memorial Day Weekend, come visit us at the race.  We will be bringing our entire outlet store (usually only available online) and pricing things to sell.  Translation:  everything will be $10.

P.S. If you do not already own an Atayne item, this is a great way to get your hands on one for the custom bike giveaway.

What's on Your Plate?

Anyone who has seen Food Inc knows the rather disturbing answer to that question.  Unfortunately, not as much attention has been paid to what is in the products that we put on or close to our body.  We think one of the reasons for this is people do not realize just how easily things are absorbed through our skin into our blood stream.  In this month's Science Made Simple, Kelsey breaks it down by answering the question, "What's in your body and how did it get there?"

Atayne at Play

Atayne was out in full force at the Maine Trash Runner's inaugural run at the Brunswick Town Commons.  The first event for our newest chapter of the Trash Runners proved to be very successful with 12 runners (including 2 under age 6), 1 dog, and over 450lbs of trash collected!  And for all you readers of Runners World, look out for a mention of the Trash Runners in the July issue.


In the News and on Our Fridge

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It's a Little Known Fact

Congratulations to April's winner Kara C who knew that Atayne's home of Brunswick, ME is/was also home to Bowdoin College, Harriet Beecher Stowe (author Uncle Tom's Cabin), and L.L. Bean (yes, the retail store is in Freeport, but they do have a manufacturing facility in Brunswick). 

Some of our other favorite answers included Danny's on the Mall, Joshua's Tavern, Frosty's Donut Shop, and Ed L. (one of our readers is a proud native).

On to May's question.  How many plastic bottles are used to make each Atayne top?

Remember, all answers can be found on our website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or past issues of our newsletter.

To join in the fun, email your answer to  To be entered into the drawing for the $25 gift certificate, your answer must be received by Monday, May 31st.

Until next Month, Keep it Clean!

The Atayners