Atayne 360 - August 2010

"If Less is More, then How You Keeping Score?"

We think about that question a lot at Camp Atayne.  As much as we strive for simplicity and the minimalist lifestyle, it is sometimes all too easy to get wrapped up in the quest for more stuff or the latest gadget.  Unfortunately, more stuff has become a perceived "road to happiness" for many people.

Pile of StuffIn the last few years, there has been a surge in research on the impact of purchases on happiness.  The researchers have not been able to show definitive evidence that a garage full of toys will make you happier.  However, they have made one major finding: spending money on experiences (concerts, language lessons, cycling tours, race entry fees, canoeing trips, etc.) produces longer-lasting satisfaction than spending money on plain old stuff.  So the answer to the above question is nothing more than happiness.
Since we love spreading happiness, this gave us an idea for a virtual event: the Atayne Less is More Challenge.  It's simple to get involved.   And the best part is you have a chance to win some cool experiential prizes.  No "stuff."  Not even Atayne gear.  Just experiences.

To join in the fun:
  • Visit the Atayne Less is More Challenge virtual event, on our Facebook page between now and September 30.
  • Post a comment to the event answering this question, "What do you do to get more happiness instead of buying more stuff?"
  • Get your friends, family, dog, or favorite pizza place to like your submission.

The top 2 "like getters" will win an Annual National Parks Pass.  We think the picture says it all...


Monthly Enviro Tip

Coinciding with our Less is More Challenge, between now and September 30th, take the time to really evaluate the purchase of any new stuff.  Give yourself at least 24 hours before you swipe the plastic.  If you decide you really need or want the item, buy it.  If you opt to forego the purchase, make a note of the amount you would have spent.  Tally up the total you avoided spending during this time period and use the money for a cool experience instead.

If you need some inspiration for your new ways, check out the flick No Impact Man.  It will put your challenge into perspective. 

Stand Up and Fight...

Or maybe we should say stand up and hike, run, ride and fight. 

On September 25th and 26th, the Cancer Community Center will host their annual Fight Back Weekend at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, ME.  The event includes plenty of outdoor fun designed to get you active and raise money to help support people living with cancer.  The key events include:

Cancer Community Center Fight Back Weekend

If you live in Maine or want to make a trip for some weekend fun, we recommend registering for one (or more) of the events.  As an added bonus, all participants of the Trail Race will receive an Atayne Trash T.

Pick-Up America Update

A few months back we introduced you to some recent college grads on a wacky adventure across the United States.  They are not engaged in your typical cross-country adventure.  They are walking the country, east to west, picking up trash along the way.

Pick Up America in West VirginiaSince leaving Maryland in March, they have covered 564 miles (907 km) and picked up over 55,000 lbs (25,000 kilos) of trash.  That is nearly 100 lbs per mile!  They have also met many new people, as 194 volunteers have come out to help them.

Check out their tour plan and join them if they stroll through your town.  If you can't make it out, consider donating to their cause.  Even a few bucks will get them one step closer to a cleaner America.

Atayne at Play

Atayne was out in full force on Sunday, August 15th at the Tri for a Cure in South Portland, ME.  Over 15 people (not all pictured) volunteered to help manage all the waste from the event.  The effort proved to be very successful as nearly 2/3 of the waste from the event was recycled.

Atayne Trash Runners at the Tri For a Cure

Even more successful was the event itself.  Over 1,000 participants helped to raise over $900,000 for cancer research, patient education and support programs!

We still have a limited number of Tri for a Cure Atayne tops available.  The tops, which come in Arctic Sea for men's and Alpine Lake for women's, have the Recycled Tri POV Graphic on the chest and the Tri for a Cure logo on the left sleeve.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these tops, email us at  Twenty percent of the proceeds from the sale of the tops will be donated to the Maine Cancer Foundation, helping to bring the $900K total a bit higher.

In the News and On our Fridge

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It's a Little Known Fact

Congratulations to July winner Jeff H, who knew that the best place to get Atayne gear if you live in the Nation's Capital is Potomac River Running Stores.

Now for August's question.  How many trash running groups does Atayne currently have?

Remember, all answers can be found on our website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or past issues of our newsletter.

To join in the fun, email your answer to  To be entered into the drawing for the $25 gift certificate, your answer must be received by Tuesday, August 31st.  

Until next Month, Keep it Clean!

The Atayners